Residential Disinfecting

Residential Disinfecting

Residential Disinfecting Services

Keeping Your Family Healthy

Germs are unavoidable; we are guaranteed to contact and carry more than 60,000 germs per day. Even after the thoroughest of cleanings, the contaminants that cause colds, the flu, pneumonia, allergies and other illnesses can still be contracted. With traditional cleaning methods and products, a large percentage of germs can remain, in addition to leaving behind toxic residue.

Using the most advanced and comprehensive sanitizing available, SimplySterile provides safe and uniform coverage with our electromagnetic sprayer that eliminates common bacteria, viruses, and germs from your home. We help to stop the spread of pathogens that cause infectious diseases to protect you and your loved ones.

  • No Harmful Residue on Surfaces
  • Safe for People, Furniture, & Electronics
  • Quick & Non-Invasive Treatment
  • Reduces Common Allergens

GREENVILLE'S DISINFECTION EXPERTS DISINFECTING & SANITIZING SERVICES Killing germs, viruses and bacteria in their tracks & keeping your family healthy.






    +90 Day PROTECT

    SimplySterile DISINFECT + PROTECT

    Our 2-Step System ensures the safety of facilities and surfaces for up to 90 days, letting you enjoy the safety of your space with peace of mind. SimplySterile™ DISINFECT + PROTECT will eliminate the potential for contamination from harmful diseases and dangerous microbial bacteria. Let us provide the solution to your new normal.

    Proven COVID-19 Protection

    The ongoing battle against the Coronavirus is a daily endeavor, with scientists, civilians and officials trying to do their part in creating a safe environment for everyone. With our hospital-grade and effective solution, we can stop COVID-19 in its tracks to provide a place of comfort, cleanliness and safety. Our treatment is proven to sanitize and disinfect surfaces to kill 99.99% of harmful microbial bacteria in comparison with traditional means that only treat 40%-60% of
    contact surfaces.

    Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

    The SimplySterile™ formula efficiently kills germs that cause cold and flu, athlete’s foot fungus, MRSA, COVID-19 and many other contaminates, giving peace of mind at all times. Our revolutionized sanitization and disinfection methods attack pathogens and destroy them directly at their source, setting a new standard for cleanliness and safety.