Commercial Disinfecting

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Protecting Your Business

Illness in the workplace costs the U.S. $576 Billion per year and absenteeism can cost companies an average of $1,685 per employee. Viral outbreaks devastate any organization, making the need for full-coverage sanitization so crucial. SimplySterile is here for you and your business and we do our best to ensure that the impact on your company is nonexistent.

We treat offices, gyms and all commercial spaces without the need to remove any objects or equipment. Time efficient, cost-effective and providing superior coverage, SimplySterile attacks harmful pathogens on surfaces including MRSA, cold and flu viruses, Norovirus, E.coli, Salmonella and COVID-19.

Reduce Sick Days & Improve Productivity

No Harmful Residue on Surfaces

No Harmful Residue on Surfaces

Safe on Electronics, Office Equipment, & Furniture

Medical Disinfecting


SimplySterile™ DISINFECT

Our 2-Step process begins with a professional disinfection, using the highest quality, EPA-registered solution. We utilize a small, but powerful molecule called CLO2—Chlorine Dioxide—to thoroughly clean your requested space, killing up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs. Our solution is also safe and effective against COVID-19 and attacks the source of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Delivered with our powerful electrostatic spraying system, our DISINFECT treatment is dispersed in a fine mist, with particles about half the thickness of a human hair to cover every inch of surfaces, even in hard to reach areas. Safe for people, pets, plants, electronics and furniture, our product dries in a few short minutes, providing minimal impact on your family, business, or clients.

Commercial Certification

SimplySterile™ CERTIFIED

Become SimplySterile™ CERTIFIED today! Commercial accounts who are officially recognized for meeting disinfectant standards are provided with our SimplySterile™ Shield of Protection as a message of confidence in cleanliness and an investment in trust.

This distinction is only awarded to commercial accounts that have committed to ongoing
treatments in order to offer the highest protection for the safety of their facility and clients. Our team ensures quick and professional disinfection every time, providing confirmation after every thorough cleaning.

We’ll help you promote your SimplySterile™ Shield of Protection, officially recognizing
commercial clients on their website and social media for their commitment to cleanliness.

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Step 2

SimplySterile™ PROTECT

The second step in the sanitization process is to apply our SimplySterile™ PROTECT solution to highly-touched areas to fight the source of bacteria and odors. This treatment is also EPA- registered, providing safe and uniform protection for up to 90 days to help to stop the spread of pathogens that cause infectious diseases to protect you and those you love.

Protect your space today with our proven 2-Step system while eliminating stubborn odors and germs even in the tiniest of spaces.